Business Travel in Guangzhou – Top 3 Places of Interests to Entertain Yourself |

Known as a key transportation port with its convenient geographical location in the Pearl River Delta, adjacent to Hongkong and Macau, Guangzhou is not merely a shopping paradise but also among the twenty-four famous historic and cultural metropolitan areas in China. Here are some places of interests for sightseeing to shed light to your Guangzhou business trip.

1. Canton Tower

Beating down Toronto’s CN tower (553m), Guangzhou tower with a height of 600m is not only the tallest TV tower in the world, but also one of the surprisingly gorgeous architecture. The human-like identity brings out the most part of Guangzhou as a dynamic and contemporary city. Its curvy shape resembles a sexy female, and that’s the reason why it gets a nickname “Xiao man yao”, which is denoted as “beautiful young girl with slim figure”.

Ranked as a second to none tourist destination in Guangzhou, a great number of visitors flock to the sightseeing tower to have a bird’s eye view over the whole city. The inside of the sightseeing tower provides awesome and inspiring experience at every floor with diverse functions such as TV and radio transmission, revolving restaurants, 4D cinemas, etc.

Tickets to the tower are divided into three levels depending on the heights. For sightseeing on the 32nd floor, it costs 50 RMB, 100 RMB for 66th floor and 150 RMB for the 84th floor.

2. Pearl River Night Cruise

Taking a cruise at night on Pearl River is an amazing and memorable experience as the cruise passes lots of historical and cultural places. Having a cup of coffee while basking in a relaxing and culturally enriching atmosphere is the best way to taste a colorful Guangzhou. During the cruise, you can appreciate the beautiful scenes of the White Goose Pool, Canton Tower, Haizhu Square, the unique and European style architecture of Shamian Island, etc. In addition, the cruise passes ten famous bridges in Guangzhou, including Haizhu Bridge, Renmin Bridge, Jiefang Bridge, etc.

3. Baiyun Mountain (Or White Cloud Mountain)

Baiyun Mountain has long been a traditional scenic spot and lots of poets, artists and scholars have gotten inspirations there. The mountain hosts 30 peaks with the highest Moxing Peak at 382 meters. On the top of Moxing Peak, visitors can have a bird’s eye view of Guangzhou city on a sunny day.

The entrance fee to the mountain is 5 RMB, and 25 RMB is needed if you prefer to arrive at Moxing Peak by taking the cable car.

How to Prepare for Business Travel |

People who take business trips frequently already know there are certain aspects of travel that should be planned thoroughly to avoid common mistakes. Business travelers typically have a schedule to maintain. If you don’t make your travel plans properly, you can run into long lines, lack of airline seats, heavy traffic, and even unavailable hotel rooms. The following are a few handy tips to help avoid these pitfalls.

First, plan your business travel as soon as you know the trip is a commitment. This will help to ensure you have a place to stay and airline tickets that aren’t excessively expensive. You should seek to save money even if you are being reimbursed by your company. So compare the available airlines and hotels to find the best overall deal that meets your business travel needs.

When permissible, fly to your destination the day before your first meeting. That way you don’t run the risk of missing the meeting if your flight is delayed, and you can also arrive fresh and well-rested for the meeting instead of fatigued and wearing wrinkled clothing. While packing, bring a suit and all your necessities in a carry on bag in the event that your suitcase is sent somewhere else, or simply lost in transit. Even if not your fault, you ought not show up to a meeting in jeans and sneakers.

When embarking on a business trip, leave your valuables at home to avoid potential robbery or lost items. Speaking of which, carry a credit card instead of cash so that you have receipts for all your spending and avoid the risks associated with carrying cash.

Concerning food, find a hotel room that has a mini-fridge and then purchase a few snacks and drinks at a local grocery store. This may save some unnecessary restaurant time (unless that is your preference) and is certainly less expensive. Hotel food can be steep as well; if you only have a certain allowance to spend each day, you may easily exceed your business budget by eating out three meals a day. On a similar note, try to book a hotel with complimentary breakfast so you can save money on at least one meal.

Choosing a hotel with free Internet service from your room is a valuable option to remain connected to the outside world without needing to make phone calls or travel to a different location for online access. If you don’t have a laptop, then at least locate a hotel with a complimentary computer service in the lobby.

A business trip doesn’t have to mean chaos and disruption in your life. If you plan it well, it can easily be a smooth and even relaxing trip.